We extended our international touring this year by taking in the Isle of Man and the TT Races – one memorable occasion being dancing on the table of a pub in Laxey, when in my white satin and pom-poms, I squeezed into a tight, all-in-one leather biker outfit, stood on the table and sang for the assembled bearded butch biking boys “Painting the Clouds with Sunshine, with the catchy opening lyric – “When I pretend I’m gay, I never feel that way…”

The Morecambe 1-Man Band Shebang was a great hoot for us all and we have fond memories of performing with Mister Boom and then a 5-a-side 1-man band football tournament with the assembled 1-man bands against the Rotters all tied together… we lost!

In Eastbourne, a kiosk owner by the pier objected to our crowd blocking the entrance to his shop and in an attempt to stop us, took away our brimming Rotterbag – to counter this stunt, Sir Squacko boldly entered his kiosk and took his till from the counter… he soon returned the Rotterbag.

We toured Seaside Variety to Bexhill, in which we created an old-style seaside variety show with dancers and magic and a pit band, as well as the Rotters headlining. We played a wide range of venues, but a highlight was always to perform aboard Walk the Plank’s boat and we had many a naughty night on the ‘Ship of Shame’ AKA The Fitzcarraldo.

Mr Macko’s nuptials proceeded in London and the ceremony was a joyful affair – featuring a moment when the celebrant asked “If there were any just impediment…” to which Uncle replied with a duck call.

El Señor
Don McFacko

Saxophone, Bits’n’pieces & Vocals


Uncle Tacko!

Banjo & Vocals


Mister Macko
- Mayor of Planet Funny

Washboard & Vocals


Boy Gacko

Drums & Vocals


Sir Squacko
- Prince of Porridge

Guitar & Vocals

1998 Seaside Variety De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-sea (34)


Photographs of the Pierrotters

1998 Fanmail

Letters, Fanmail & Rotternews

Letters, fanmail & "Rotternews".

1998 setlist for Bexhill


Badges, stickers, objects; notes, lyrics, contracts, sketches, ideas, oddments.

1998-09-14 Theatre in the Mill poster 1a

Publicity & Brochures

Collections of publicity material & brochures

1998 Morecambe

Soo Law was inspired by the Pierrotters Archive to dig through old photos and send us some of our time in Morecambe in 1998. Thank you Soo!

1998 documentary:
Hat On, Boy’s Recitation, TIM show, interview Antelope South 1993 TBC and 1998

Photographs or "Rottergraphs" 😉

Seaside Variety, De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill-on-sea.






Letters, Fanmail & Rotternews


Publicity & Brochures


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