1990 was Gacko’s first season with The Rotters and although Professor Backo played no part in our performances, he conducted our administration – moonlighting for us, whilst working for Emergency Exit Arts. Although we had been preparing after a year’s break, this was a small season, but packed with some remarkably memorable gigs: this was our first of several happy visits to the Filey Edwardian Festival, former home of Andie Caine’s Royal Pierrots. Filey has always been a place of very fond memories for The Rotters – hence the inclusion of the Viz magazine (Gacko’s literature of choice at this time) and its ‘Filey Facts’. We also played Southport Pier Festival and returned for a few short dates to Brighton’s Palace Pier. We performed for Kully Thiarai at her wedding and sang as she and her new husband sailed away over the Yorkshire hills in a hot air balloon. I was beginning my researches into the history of pierrot troupes, as can be seen from my first document on the subject (sent to those who expressed an interest) and the letter from Bert & Mave Chapman – both now sadly deceased, who were the authors of the important book ‘Pierrots of the Yorkshire Coast’.

Dr. Dacko

Accordion & Vocals

Uncle Tacko!

Banjo & Vocals


Mr. Macko

Washboard & Vocals

Boy Gacko

Drums & Vocals

Sir Squacko

Guitar & Vocals

Theatre in the Mill 1989


Photographs of the Pierrotters

1990-06-25 Letter from Professor Backo 1a

Letters, Fanmail & Rotternews

Collections of letters, fanmail & "Rotternews".

1990 Set list for Kully's wedding


Badges, stickers, objects; notes, lyrics, contracts, sketches, ideas, oddments.

1990-07-29 Southport Pier Festival 1

Publicity & Brochures

Collections of publicity material & brochures

Photographs or "Rottergraphs" 😉

Nowt  ‘ere 🙁


Letters, Fanmail & Rotternews


Publicity & Brochures


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